Composed of England Wales Scotland and  Northern Ireland the United Kingdom has  long been a favourite European tourist  destination for many because of its  beautiful countryside historic cities  and top notch mutation to stately.  mansions and beyond spiring scenery of  the Lake District and the Scottish  Highlands there are a diverse set of  places to visit in the UK Cambridge is a  charming English city located on the  River Cam just north of London as they  home to one of the world’s top  universities the University of Cambridge  that has all of the cultural. and  entertainment options you might expect  from a college town the King’s College  Chapel situated along the River Cam is  considered the fine example of  perpendicular gothic architecture and is  one of the most visited sites in the  city. And if you want to travel from airport chose reliable service   not far from the border with Wales the  city of Chester lies on the river deep  and chesh higher England. the city is  more than two thousand years old  which means there is plenty of history  culture and architecture on hand  spanning several eras distinctive 19th  century black and white Revival  architecture can be found throughout the  city the Roman and medieval walls  encircling the city are one of Chester’s  biggest tourist attractions.   Cornwall is a study in contrasts it is  charming. and quaint yet rugged and  isolated located in the westernmost  point of the United Kingdom Cornwall is  a peninsula that offers rocky cliffs  overlooking to sea on its northern side  and golden sand beaches that are loved  by tourists on the south  and visitors the Edinboro needs to be  prepared to experience history from the  cobblestone streets to Edinboro castle.  that is symbolic of Scotland’s capital  Edinburgh is steeped in history  beginning to the old and new towns which  have more than 4500 historic buildings  and sites between them old town is home  

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