So, I noted before, streaming is all about multitasking, which taxes your machine a lot. Here’s what to look for when browsing for a streaming laptop:


You want your computer to have good base speed, but also to have enough cores for multitasking. So, it’s a good idea to go quad-core or up. Don’t go for dual-core processors, it will surely spoil you.


Random Access Memory (RAM) is another specification that has a direct multitasking impact, and is the “acceleration” part of the machine. You want to have enough RAM to make sure your stream is working well, even after hours of operation. Do not dare to go below 4 GB, but if you really want high performance, choose 8 GB or more. As for generation, try going for DDR4, but a good amount of DDR3 will do just fine.

A RAM of 16 or 32 GB will make your day smoother, but if you don’t have that kind of budget, then it is perfectly fine to go with 8 GB.


Choosing a solid state disk (SSD) on the hard drive is a no-brainer for laptops. The number one reason is durability; SSD is more likely to survive occasional declines. The other reason is the huge speed boost, and SSD is incomparably faster than HDD, and it stays that way even after years of service.

The only downside to SSD is the price, they are more expensive. However, because your goal is to stream from your laptop, you can store the content outside, or in the cloud. Picking the SSD will guarantee you maximum speeds, which is all you want. Don’t be obsessed with size; if you need more space, choose a laptop with a smaller SSD that also has a todH.


Having a powerful graphics card is important, as streaming is a bit power hungry. However, if you don’t intend to stream games, the GPU shouldn’t be your main concern. If you are planning, then it is an absolute must to have a dedicated GPU, the built-in processor is just not good enough for streaming.

For games, 4 GB of RAM is minimal, but you can go for more if you have a higher budget.


As I said, when choosing a laptop for streaming, it is not the best decision to look for the cheapest. If you can’t afford a decent machine right now, maybe it’s a better idea to save a little more, than buy the cheapest laptop out there and start some stuttering filled, poor quality streaming.

The other specifications:

The above hardware specifications are the most important for streaming, and you should base your choice on them. But here are some other features that are not vital, but still count when choosing a laptop:

Battery Life:

Although the battery is not that important for streaming, it’s a good idea to have a laptop that gives you a fair amount of independence. Sometimes you might need to stream when power outlets aren’t available, and having a computer that won’t shut down after 15 minutes is always good.

Display Size:

The size of your screen will determine how much comfort you have while using your machine, so choose carefully. It also dictates the size of the laptop, and if you plan to move it frequently, don’t choose something too large.


While the first thing you want from your live streaming laptop is raw performance, its weight is a factor. Especially if this laptop is your main machine, which you carry around often, if it is, pick up something up to 4-5 pounds. But never choose size over performance, unless you absolutely have to.

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Keyboard and touchpad:

If you use the laptop for work, you will probably want it to have a numeric keyboard on the side. You can also consider a backlit keyboard that will allow you to type at low late nights. And although you may want a responsive touchpad, it’s still a better option for using a mouse anyway, as it allows you to multitask quickly.


Because you will probably want to kick yourself every once in a while, choosing a laptop with a decent webcam is a smart thing to do. But don’t focus too much on it. If the quality of the camera is poor, you can still get an external one. They are not that expensive anyway. You can get that for just $ 20 from a well-known Logitech brand.

Sound and Microphone:

Although every laptop has a microphone, it is a much better option for getting dedicated headphones. The audio quality will be much better, and if you are broadcasting games, you will need to hear your teammates and the footsteps of the opponent anyway.

So, these are a few things that you should keep while buying a laptop for live streaming. Now, let’s start to find out which are the best laptops for live streaming and discuss them in detail.

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