Since my childhood, I have always been a gamer, on PC of course! Although some people may think that a player is just someone who parks in front of a TV with a game console, sitting on a beanbag, know that computer gamers need more than a PC, a monitor and a chair. Here are 7 must-have PC accessories that any gamer won’t want to overlook to enhance their gaming experience.

A gaming mouse

Computer gamers

Wireless, wired – whatever your preference, anyone with a computer must have a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse must be sensitive, light, precise and comfortable. It must have all the options necessary to help players excel in different types of games: built-in joystick, adjustable DPI buttons, shortcut keys, customizable RGB lighting, etc.

A gaming keyboard


Unlike conventional keyboards, a keyboard dedicated to the computer gamers is user-friendly, comfortable to use, does not wear out easily and is perfectly suited for frequent or even intensive use. Gaming keyboards offer different combinations of functionality, including volume controls, macro keys, and customizable RGB lighting for flashy effects.

A mouse pad


To complete the configuration of the peripherals on your desktop computer, you need a mouse pad. Your carpet should be long and wide enough for your keyboard and mouse without risk of conflict. This allows you to have a larger area of ​​mouse movement without interfering with your keyboard.

A Gaming  chair

Computer gamers

Many players often spend long hours, sometimes overnight, on their computer screens. It is therefore important to choose a best gaming chair that supports your back and is comfortable enough providing additional support for the back and neck. The chairs generally have comfortable and quality materials and multiple pillows, and sometimes footrests.

A steering wheel


A steering wheel is a great PC kit to get a complete driving experience in setting up your computer. Although it is only for those who play racing games, a steering wheel adds an extra level of control to your racing games. You can expect an extra realism (force feedback, vibration, 900 ° rotation) from a steering wheel and a set of pedals that a joystick or keyboard does not allow.

A gaming controller


Certainly, the idea of ​​a PC game is to use the mouse and keyboard. However, some PC games work better with a controller. You need a controller, even if you use it rarely, so you’ll be glad to have it when the time comes. Some controllers are compatible with a PC and can be plugged into the USB port or the mouse port.

A headsets and a headsets holder


With the advent of online games that rely on team communication, headsets have become inevitable. Indeed, some headsets with integrated microphone allow players to coordinate quickly with the rest of their team. Others have padded speakers for better comfort and high-quality sound. In order to keep your desk tidy and to ensure that your headphones won’t get damaged, you can also consider a headphone holder, which mounts under the desk.

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