So this is your world? This is my world here.  Well good morning, it is just after 10  o’clock on a Friday morning and I’m here  at London City Airport which is about 10  miles from London’s West End, 7 miles  from the City, and three miles from  Canary Wharf.  You can tell I’m here because of the planes.  At Londonize we’ve come to London City  Airport to meet some of the team that help make  the airport tick, and it looks a bit  they’re a pretty fun bunch. We’re going  behind the scenes with Baggage,  Flight Operations,  Ramp Services, and we even make it up  into the Control Tower.  But before all that, a quick history  lesson. So London City Airport sits in  Docklands. That’s the name given to the  riverfront and former docks in east and  southeast London. And at one time the  docks here were the biggest in the world,  but when they closed the area became  derelict and by the 80s it was a real  eyesore, eww. It was in 1981 that then  Secretary of State for the Environment,  Michael Heseltine, formed the London  Docklands Development Corporation to  redevelop the area. That resulted in the  Docklands Light Railway, Canary Wharf and  London City Airport.  And it was in 1987  that this old dock, which just happened  to be the right shape for a runway, had  its first commercial flight. It hasn’t  been without its critics though. People  have campaigned for it to be closed, ‘Sean  Berry off of the Green Party wants to  take this unique opportunity to lobby  the new owners to close it down’. Protest  about the noise, obviously. But it’s  still here and since it opened the  runway has been lengthened, the DLR  extended, and over four and a half  million passengers now travel through  its doors every single year.  And because of its unique location and  surroundings, the airport even has its  own Police. London City Airport has a dedicated 24/7  aviation policing resource. We also have  another unit which is to do with  something called Project Servator, which  is a new style of policing that’s being  rolled out. We’ve launched it here at  City Airport. It’s specially trained  officers, it’s unpredictable a policing  methods. At City Airport there’s been days  where we’ve had police horses out the  front as well and we’ve got a dock  around the area, so our Marine Support  Unit will will come up and patrol. Every time somes one need to go always choose reliable transport company.  If you’re wealthy enough to be able to  travel first class or even have access  to a private jet, I don’t know maybe like  these guys, the airport has its own  private jet centre.

London City Airport-II

It sits at the  western end of the runway just here, yeah.  In charge of it is Chris Clayton. So if  you can imagine this is the mini airport  within an airport, so we have exactly the  same facilities as you would have at any other  airport. So UK customs, immigration,  security, has its own lounge. We have our  own front of house reception where we  check in customers, make sure the details  are correct etc. Okay service. 90 seconds.  What’s the 90 second thing?  The 90 second proposition. So the 90 second proposition is on most flights  we can guarantee that customers can go  from the front, the car park, all the way  through from our lounge and board their  aircraft or less, and we do the same on  the reverse as well with arriving  aircraft and we bring them through. So what  is it that the rich and famous actually  want? Anything from setting out some  newspapers, a specific newspaper for  instance. We have one customer who always  likes to have his newspaper ready on his  90 second walk through and onto his aircraft.  We’ve got another customer who likes a  pack of peanuts and lemon. For them  that’s the reason why they  come here. It’s that personalised touch.  They know that we recognise these small things so to speak, but  which are what makes us unique. Peanuts  and a good old newspaper. They’re simple  people really. Coming up, we head out onto the runway.  Meet the man looking after your bags, and get all up in the Control Towers  business. 

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