If this is your first  time visiting London,  here are 10 important  things you need to know,  before taking public transport.  If you know them, you’ll be golden.  By the way, if you’re new here, I’m Jess  and I make videos for people, so keep watching. No public transportation  in London takes cash,  so here are a few ways that  you can pay for your rides.  First up is an Oyster card,  get one of these, top it up,  re top it up, when you  need to and that’s it.  You can also use your  debit or credit card,  if it has the con tactless  feature enabled on it  or if you have a card from outside the UK,  sometimes the con tactless feature  and Mobile Pay doesn’t work,  so I usually recommend for people  to just get an Oyster card,  it’s the easiest way  and the most reliable.  You need to tap in and tap out.  When you’re taking a train  or the Underground in London,  you always have to make sure  you tap in at the first  station you get on at  and tap out at the  station, that you leave at, this is because you get charged  depending on how much  distance that you traveled.  Most of the time, you’re  gonna hit barriers  to get into the station and out,  so you’ll know that you  need to tap in and tap out,  but sometimes at night, they  leave the barriers open,  so make sure you still tap in and tap out,  even if that happens.  Rush hour is major in London,  so try not to travel on public transport  at those times, if you can,  you will avoid major  crowds and major traffic,  try to walk, if you can.  If you need to avoid steps,  when getting around London,  the buses are always  going to be your best bet,  because they’re equipped with ramps  and wheelchair accessible seating. Always Choose reliable transport company  You’ll also see on every Tube map,  that the accessible  stations are marked off.

Comfortable Journey

If you have other accessibility needs.  London’s transportation  system has a daily cap,  which means if you travel  a lot around each day,  you will only be charged a certain amount,  how much you get charged depends  on how many zones that  you’ve traveled through  and if you don’t know what zones are,  you should watch the video  that’s popping up here in the corner,  that will tell you all  about how zones work.  If you’re using an Oyster card  and you need to check how  much balance you have,  there are two ways to do it,  the first is to use one of the  ticket machines in a station,  or when you tap out at a barrier,  you’ll see the amount of credit  that’s left on your card flash up.  Here’s how to stop a London bus,  if you’re waiting at the bus stop  and you see your bus  coming, put your hand out  and it will tell the driver to stop.  If you’re already on the bus  and you need to get off at the next stop,  press the red stop button  and it will tell the driver  that you wanna get off.  The Tube runs until midnight  from Sunday to Thursday,  but select lines and Tube stations  are a part of the Night Tube,  which means they’re open all  night Friday and Saturday.  To figure out which stations  and which lines are  part of the Night Tube,  you can open up the Night Tube map,  also City mapper and Google  Maps are smart enough  and they know which ones are open,  when you’re trying to get home.  Finally you’ll get the hang of it,  honestly if you know these  tips, you’ll be totally fine  and after a couple of rides in the system,  you will be a pro, plus us Londoners  mess it up all the time, so don’t worry.  If it’s your first time visiting London,  you should get my free London 101 Guide,  it tells you everything you need to know  before you get here,  click the link in the  description to get that  and for more tips and tricks for London,  click one of the videos,  that’s popping up over here.  Oh, okay, ooh, a bird.  Wait for your rides, ooh! I got it

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