In this article we discuss about how to choose ps4 gaming controller for best gaming experience? The controller is the key element of a console. But the choice of this type of device depends not only on your budget, but also and above all, on the gamer that you are. If some often take this factor lightly. You should know that several points are to be taken into account before purchasing this product:


There are several PS4 controllers that are also compatible with the PlayStation 3 or with a computer. However, these can be less efficient or be incompatible with certain games. It is therefore advisable to check its use with Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi or even IOS.


some controllers offer triple connectivity (radio, wired, Bluetooth). The type of connection can influence the latency time and the responsiveness of the controller. For wireless use, remember to check the battery life so that you can last a whole day to play. In wired mode, the length of the cable is important and must correspond to the distance you want to put between you and the PlayStation, without becoming bulky.

Playing comfort:

This criterion linked to ergonomics has an influence on the duration of use. The grip is favored by the presence of handles and the location of the keys. Joysticks, directional cross, triggers and buttons should not be on top of each other to avoid handling errors. And the lighter the controller, the more it is bearable.

Manufacturing components: these are important elements for the durability of the controller. So, depending on these components, you may or may not benefit from a pleasant touch. In the heat of the moment, it must be able to withstand possible shocks or falls. These can also influence the weight of the model. You can enjoy this game by sitting comfortably on best gaming chairs for kids.

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The brand:

Some manufacturers have proven their effectiveness over time, and improve in this continuity. Sony is a safe bet in this area, whether used with a console or a computer.


To a lesser extent but just as essential, the design can be improved by Matt or smooth finishes as well as by the integration of bright or colored lighting. While esports enthusiasts will surely opt for a competition controller or a high-end model, casual players will often have a more limited budget.

If the official controller remains the preferred choice, players who are keen on personalization will more readily turn to more sophisticated proposals such as those found with the Nacon brand.

With these criteria, we were able to isolate ten models with interesting characteristics. These were the subject of a more in-depth study carried out through user feedback found on specialized French and English-speaking sites as well as blogs, YouTube channels or forums.

Honorable mentions

Sony Dual Shock 4 v2 : comfortable, this wireless controller has an autonomy of 20 hours. The asymmetrical placement of its keys earns points in terms of ergonomics while the buttons are flexible, precise, responsive and fairly quiet. However, its beautiful finishes do not make us forget the discreet vibrations and the lack of resistance of the L2 and R2 triggers. The absence of light bar, gyroscopic functions, speaker and jack are also lacking.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro: Solid, this asymmetrical model, comfortable in hand, benefits from a judicious positioning of the joystick and the cross, as well as a pleasant trackpad. It works in Bluetooth (7 hours of autonomy) or via an imposing and fairly short USB dongle. Its buttons are responsive and you can really feel the vibrations. However, it is quite heavy and takes a long time to charge. In addition, no software is provided to configure the object while the cross and the triggers are a little stiff and imprecise.


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