The world of PC speakers is paved with good intentions … which are not all well done. Thus, the difficulty is mainly to find the most effective system in a maximum of situations. It may thus happen, for example, that a 5.1 set is less effective than a high-level 2.1 set in certain contexts

there are 3 types of audio systems:

Stereo 2.0: the most basic system, it is made up of only 2 modules placed on either side of the screen. If its performance is sufficient in the midrange and treble, the bass level is generally too low.

It is more than enough to listen to music while working but will not be enough for gaming or watching movies.

Stereo 2.1: evolution of the previous system. It adds a subwoofer to compensate for the lack of response of the other elements in this frequency range. It is necessary to invest a certain amount to benefit from a good balance between frequencies and a clear and powerful sound. Its main drawback is the space that the box can occupy.

It is the most versatile system. It is suitable for all uses even if the immersion will be less than with 5.1.

5.1 surround: the most immersive system for PC, it is composed of 4 modules in addition to a subwoofer. This variety allows you to distribute the different elements as well as possible in your room. It will generally be more expensive than the other solutions.

This system is the best solution for gaming and watching movies because it offers more immersion. However, it is intended for larger rooms because of its sound power.

You will understand, depending on the use you intend to make, the ideal system will be different.

In addition to these solutions, we have identified several determining criteria in the choice of your PC speakers:

The frequency range: this represents the capabilities of your speaker in relation to the audio spectrum. The human ear can perceive frequencies between 20Hz and 20KHz. It is therefore necessary that the possibilities of your speaker are as close as possible to these values ​​to transcribe the different sounds as well as possible.

Power: your goal? The search for the adequacy between quality and quantity (expressed in Watts RMS). A great little qualitative power will be limited by the alterations appearing at high volume where a product having less muscle but more finesse can send just as strong but with a much better final result, free of saturation.

Ergonomics and design: these two elements go together. A poorly optimized product will be difficult to integrate into your interior, whether it is due to an overly massive design or an improper placement of the various connectors and controls or cables that are too short. Another element linked to ergonomics is the presence of a remote control. Which will allow the use of your system with your television for example.

Connectivity: make sure that your terminal has the necessary connectivity to connect to your speakers. Generally, for 2.0 and 2.1 speakers, a 3.5 mm jack is sufficient. For the 5.1 system, it is necessary to check on the side of the digital connectors. Some models add wireless connectivity via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The analysis of the various proposals on the basis of these elements allowed us to reduce our selection to the following 6 models which constitute, in our eyes, the best speakers for PC currently.

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