In this  article we discuss about how to choose best gaming headphone. The headset is an essential element in a gaming setup”, just like the computer , keyboard or mouse . Whether it is to obtain an increased immersion or to keep an optimal concentration (especially in a competitive part), it plays a major role.

But this market is much more supplied than you might think at first glance. It is full of certain features that are not always useful to everyone, depending, in particular, on the type of game they play, their environment or their level of professionalism.

The sound quality:

Gaming headsets are distinguished from headsets in particular by their driver generally larger, making it possible to produce cleaner bass. But it does not mean that the bass completely take over, at the risk of offering a cold rendering and drowning other sounds such as dialogues.


As important as that of audio quality, the question of comfort must be examined, especially if you spend several hours with your headphones on your ears. Remember to check the materials used, the weight, the adjustment options, and the density of the pads, to be sure that this helmet fits your body type.

The microphone:

Often overlooked, the microphone is nevertheless a primordial point to check if you are playing on a network. It is important to check whether it has a noise canceling device, whether it is swivel or retractable (because the tighter the capture, the more you will be cut off from your environment). The transmitted sound must be clear.

The control buttons:

Placed on a headset or on the cable, they must be easy to access and easily distinguishable by touch.


PS4, PC, smartphone, Xbox… All headsets are not compatible with the same systems, in particular according to their type of connection (USB, 3.5 mm jack…). The jacks are the ones that are best supported.


Surround 7.1 is a certification which attests to the presence of a device which gives sound a 3D dimension. Unlike stereo, which only distinguishes between right and left ear, surround can clearly give the illusion that a sound is coming from behind you. Below a certain price, surround is virtual. It then uses the same driver as the stereo headphones. The immersive effect is delivered by the sound card itself.

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It is particularly important if you play FPS. In a shooter, it is essential to hear the sound of your opponents’ footsteps and quickly locate them so as not to be taken aback.

It is also important to ask yourself the question of wireless. This has the significant advantage of allowing you more freedom of movement. However, it is a technology that sometimes still costs quite a lot. It is generally less efficient in terms of sound quality and responsiveness.

If you’re headed for a wireless headset, in addition to the above criteria, you should consider the following:


A good wireless headset should give you sufficient autonomy so that you can play a full day. In addition, it is preferable that it also includes a device allowing. It is also be used with an audio cable. So as not to depend on your degree of load.


It is important that your gaming headset does not suffer from excessive latency, at the risk of losing all the benefits of good sound insulation. For this, it is necessary to refer to the specialized tests.

Initial research has enabled us to isolate around twenty gaming headsets which, a priori, represent good value for money. We therefore consulted various specialized sites in order to get a fair idea of ​​their material and sound quality. A dozen of them then stood out.

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