Like many other gaming chair, EAVANCEL is committed above all to user comfort. In fact, an innovative feature of this brand is that it incorporates a lumbar pad with a USB that when activated emits vibrations, in the manner of massages.

It is an ideal product for those who spend many hours a day in front of the computer. Within its own description, it is established that the chair is comfortable to work, but also when taking a break, since it can be tilted up to 180º and has pads that adapt to the shape of the body.


The most important characteristics of the product will be detailed below.


The chair has a modern and robust design, although without exaggeration. This means that at first glance it looks like a bigger and more bulky chair than most, but without losing the basic design and structure of a gaming chair.

What stands out the most is that its appearance does promise comfort. Under the seat is a cushion that can expand forward, converting into a backrest for the feet if you want to lie in a completely horizontal position.

In addition, the chair comes in 7 different colors, making it easy for users to adapt to their tastes and preferences: blue, white, gray, orange, black, red, pink and camouflage (all combined with black).


Chair base or wheel materials are not specified, but the cushions are covered in high-quality polyurethane, and the cushion foam molds to the shape of the body.

In addition, the resistance of the materials can be confirmed by two important factors: it holds up to 150 kg. weight and also the frame of the chair has a lifetime warranty.

Dimensions and weight

As for the dimensions, the product has two: that of the package and once assembled.

Package: 82 x 65.5 x 33.5 cm


  • Height: 127 – 135 cm
  • Seat: 52 cm (width) x 51 cm (depth)
  • This means that the chair has an average size in relation to other brands, even if its appearance may seem bulkier.
  • As for weight, the chair also enters the average, reaching 21 kg.

Outstanding features

  • It has thicker pads than normal, with high quality materials that ensure comfort
  • Supports adapt to body shapes
  • Includes a pad with a vibration massage function to counteract low back fatigue
  • It is easy to assemble and very resistant, with adjustable armrests
  • The chair frame has a lifetime warranty
  • It includes a discreet structure with pad to support the feet in a horizontal position of 180º

Pros and cons of EAVANCEL

After reviewing the most representative features of EAVANCEL, it is time to refer to its pros and cons:


In this aspect, practically all the notable characteristics would be included, so there is no need to repeat.


If you prefer the more austere and lighter chair models, this chair may seem a little exaggerated. The foam makes it look bigger than normal, as does the foot cushion.

At first glance, although the material of the chair appears to be of good quality, there is however no indication that it is breathable. This is usually positive to avoid sweating on hot days or long sessions. On the other hand, cleaning is thus easier.

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