we’re going to be talking all about connecting  flights  this is a really important video for me  because it was probably my number one  fear of my journey going from England to  Australia. It was my first long haul flight  and I knew I had to connect. Now, I’d  never done that before and it was  terrifying and it doesn’t need to be  scary  which is why today I’m going to break it  down for you exactly what to expect  what to do and how to get your safe  connection and get to your destination  as planned  There’s things to think about when  booking connecting flights. If possible  try to book with one airline  if you book with just the one airline,  it means that they have to legally allow  you enough connection time in the  airport to catch your onward flight  they are responsible. If you book through  two separate airlines it’s your  responsibility to make that connection  and allow yourself enough time  which brings me on to how much time do  you actually need?  so for domestic to domestic flight, on  average, personally, I try to leave  myself an hour for connections. If it’s  an international flight  I give myself longer. I like at least two  hours and if I’m traveling at peak times  or holiday times, or I know it’s a  particular busy Airport  I give myself an extra half an hour to  make it through customs and any possible  security checks in that connecting  airport  you need to remember that some airports  are huge  Huge! I’m talking massive and it’s  going to take time for you to get  through the airport and sometimes you  need to get a shuttle bus or train or  whatever between terminals  so allow yourself enough time there as  well  another really important thing that you  need to remember is thinking about  whether you need a transit visa for the  airport and the country that you are  connecting in. You can look that up on the government websites as I spoke about  in my Visas video, link above. You can pick service for airport transfers 

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