Eudolah Women’s Bikini Plus Size 1 Piece Swimsuits

For those who are looking for a model with an original design in this classification, they can still turn to Eudolah with his jersey of a contrasting tone of large size. It is delivered in a two-tone color, the bottom of which is only in black.

In addition, all color variants are available for all sizes, except for the XXX-L and XXXX-L. There is a certain desire to give satisfaction to people who want an alternative to one-piece swimsuits.

Likewise, the manufacturer always uses its selection of fabrics based on 80% fiber and 20% elastane, which accentuates its flexibility. With its appearance one would tend to believe that it is a model of two pieces with high waist. In reality, it is halfway between the monokini and the bikini, ideal for those who want to get out of the ordinary.


Robust and elastic materials: The polyester is extremely fine, that’s why it fits easily with the silhouette. Even being extended to the maximum, it is not used. It is also fused with elastane for more flexibility. In addition to that it dries quickly on leaving the water.

Good color combination: We recognize here the signature of the Eudolah brand aspiring to produce the best one-piece swimsuit for women with shades of good chic and good genres offered such as Royal Blue.

The cons

Many people are mistaken when ordering the monokini thinking that it is a bikini with high-waisted briefs.

Socluer Femme Elegant Swimsuits Slimming Monokini

We forget polyamide for a while and move on to polyester and spandex with this variation. These materials, which are not wrinkled, have a good capacity for wicking away sweat. The style adopted by the manufacturer seems to break with the traditional jersey with strap.

This jersey is similar to an evening dress that has been transformed into a monokini. The one who wears it will feel sensual and elegant inside with the upper part in the form of Crops Tops while the lower one is of the short type, hence the name. It is recommended especially for the swimming pool.

In addition, it also has a tulle lining that extends towards the back. And it seems that the only color available is black. In fact, this variant is part of a whole collection of shorty-type monokinis. It is sold with the usual sizes S, M, L, XL as well as extra large sizes 2XL and 3XL.


Beautiful appearance: The design of this model is successful by combining the Crops top with the shorts. This gives a breathtaking result especially by being associated with black. In addition, the manufacturer uses an unusual textile such as Spandex.

Thin fabrics in lining: It ensures optimal protection of the breasts and the chest in general against the rays of the sun and brings a little more on the aesthetic side.

The cons

Several finishes, but a single color: It seems that there is only one fixed color for this series of short monokinis. It is also difficult to imagine it in a different tone.

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