Security Questions While Boarding

The next part of the process is the security checking area.  This is a very important process that everyone has to do and is for the safety of all air travelers. There will be another queue to join and waiting times can vary a lot.  It may be noisy and crowded with warm, even high, temperatures.  Again, it will be important to check you have none of the prohibited items.  When you arrive at the security check area, you will be asked to do several things that may feel uncomfortable or unusual, but these things are important for all air travelers to ensure safety.  You will be asked to place hand luggage or bags into a special tray.  You will also have to place loose items, like phones, electronic devices, keys, coins and any other metallic items into this tray.  You may even be asked to remove your shoes, belts, brooches or tie-pins, if they are metallic or have metal on.

Airport Questions

The tray will then pass through a machine that can see inside your bag or other items, with x-rays.  You will then be asked to individually pass through a big arch, that is a metal detector machine, to check you haven’t forgotten to place any items in the tray, but sometimes an alarm sound will go off as you pass through the arch.  This will indicate to the security people that there is still something metallic on you or in your pocket.  If this happens, there will be an additional check made by an individual security person.  You may be asked to allow a security person to rub a small piece of cloth on your shoes. This swab will then be placed into a detector machine and will check for any prohibited chemicals or substances.  Once scanner checks are completed, you’ll be asked to collect your items from your tray at the end of the conveyor.  The conveyor system is often quite loud and clunky. Luxury Airport Transfers Service In UK

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