Ground operations are an essential task  for all airlines to deliver smooth  turnarounds and on-time departures with  safety being the number-one priority the  airport handling manual is the definitive source for the latest  industry approved policies and standards.  covering all facets of safe and  efficient airport operations it is now  available as a book or a software  application either in CD format or as a  web download. developed under the  auspices of IATA over 30 years.  this unique manual updated annually has  been designed for anyone involved in  airport operations such as ground  services providers airport operators.  Airlines regulatory authorities cargo  handlers ground support equipment  manufacturers training departments  procurement and sales departments the covers key what to do aspects of  ground handling namely passenger and  baggage handling cargo. and Mail handling  aircraft handling and loading load  control our site management and safety.  airport transfers handling ground support  equipment specifications the  internationally recognized contract  template known as the standard ground  handling agreement or SGH a is also  maintained in the addition to the iata also offers airport handling  solutions in consulting including CEI v  farmer business intelligence with  airport is work groups with over 45 Task  Forces training with over 40 courses in  multiple languages  events with the annual IATA.  ground-handling conference  GHC and the  icon workshops and seminars to learn  more about iotus airport.

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